Checkout abandonment is approximately 70%, meaning the merchant has enticed the buyer enough with their product marketing. However, at the last minute, they decide against the purchase or buy it elsewhere. Some buyers want simplicity, such as one-click checkouts, and others want the reassurance of online security such as 3D Secure to drive their online purchases. The Adflex API incorporates both by optimising the buyer experience but also safeguarding the merchant. Here we discuss our top-tips to increase your checkout conversion.

Real-time validation
Only 40% of online checkouts complete card validation checks in real-time and many still ask the cardholder to pick their card type. Adflex validates the card data in real-time to confirm the card scheme and number is correct- preventing unhappy customers.

Correctly displaying your website not only helps people find you by improving your SEO, but it also it improves user experience. Your online checkout must respond to the cardholder's device, for example, mobile or tablet and should prompt the numerical keyboard at the point of transaction.

The reassurance of online security, such as SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and the safe storing of card details through tokenization is vital. Our studies show that up to 55% of cardholders abandon their purchase through security concerns. Be sure to work with a PCI DSS compliant gateway that supports the latest security tools.

Ensure your site works in line with the cardholders region, supporting local payment methods, currency, language and use of regionalised terms—for example, postcode in the UK and Zip Code in the US.

B2B or B2C
Cover all scenarios and target the audience by providing the appropriate capabilities. Consumer transactions can be fairly straightforward, for example, pay now or subscription models. However, some B2B buyers will need more complex payment options, including enhanced data such as level 3 for reconciliation and tax reclaim.

Don’t redirect
Deliver a seamless design and keep the potential customer on your website using a Lightbox or Inline integration. Don’t risk losing a sale when by directing the cardholder to another site.

Your checkout is where window shoppers turn into paying customers, listen to their needs and follow our tips. Not only will this increase sales, but you will provide a better shopping experience and reduce checkout abandonment.