Delivering B2B Digital Payment Solutions

Adflex creates unique value in B2B trade by matching buyers and acquirers with suppliers and delivering fast and cost-effective digital payments integration.


High-Level Security

We're PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, which means our transaction data protection meets the industry's most rigorous security standards.

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IATA mandates that all Travel agents must achieve PCI DSS compliance by March 2018

Adflex specialises in handling enhanced travel data and card tokenisation, helping your organisation achieve PCI compliance.

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Secure Card Payments

Business Enhanced Data

We're experts in B2B enhanced data management covering construction, travel, logistics, engineering and general procurement.

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Payments as a Value Creator in the B2B Supply Chain

A surprising number of big organisations still rely on traditional paper invoicing and BACS to pay their suppliers. While this approach has some advantages, the stretching of standard payment terms – particularly in embattled sectors like construction – is causing suppliers considerable pain. At first glance, this looks like the odds are stacked against the supplier.

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Enhanced Data Card Payments

Developer API's

A comprehensive range of API services that allow you to seamlessly implement payment processing into your applications.

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Card Payment API

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