Adflex, now enables both acquirers and supply chain businesses to simplify and accelerate integration of its modular digital payment services, following the cloud-transformation of its popular payments platform.

“By wrapping our suite of digital payment services in RESTful APIs, we can now serve our acquirer and merchant clients with new levels of flexibility and agility,” comments Pat Bermingham, CEO, Adflex.

“By cloud-enabling our platform, many of the traditional complexities associated with integrating payment services are bypassed, so activations can be achieved in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks. By connecting to Adflex’s platform through standardised, interoperable APIs, our clients can begin to self-serve; selecting the specific services they require and assembling them according to a modular design. It is this level of agility and flexibility that will finally propel the business payments industry into the digital age.”

Adflex creates unique value for supply chain businesses globally by delivering fast and cost-effective digital payments integration. It’s suite of digital payment services delivers a broad range of payment initiation and acceptance capabilities, including virtual terminals, virtual cards, hosted payment pages, push payment solutions payments processing, ERP integration and more.

“Our processing platform is now equipped to service new and complex trading models and payments use-cases that are emerging from digital businesses,” adds Bermingham. “Payment authorisation can now be split from the settlement, for example. We can enable data aggregation and analysis for businesses by combining payment and order information to reveal new insights. With RESTful API integration comes the opportunity to link with all manner of other services, such as geolocation through Google maps. It opens up a huge variety of new possibilities and opportunities, both for our clients and for us as a business.”

The process of creating RESTful APIs for Adflex’s platform has required extensive planning and resource to accomplish, and represents a significant milestone in the firm’s development.

“It puts us right at the front of the market in B2B payments initiation and acceptance,” adds Bermingham. “We’re hugely excited about what the future now holds.”