Implementing payment processing solutions across an organization can be fraught with challenges, and Adflex Payment Processing are no exception. Even when an implementation goes smoothly, your Adflex investment is in jeopardy until it is fully adopted in your organization.

To mitigate the challenges associated with Adflex Payment Processing implementation and to ensure that it is fully adopted in your organization, Adflex enlists certified and experienced customer success managers (CSM). Although you will work with a variety of Adflex team members, CSMs are your single point of contact to ensure you are satisfied with your implementation, training, and ongoing experience using Adflex Payment Processing.

CSMs ensure that your implementation and post-implementation of your Adflex solution is successful by:

  • Placing an emphasis on successful implementation and adoption so that your Adflex investment is fully realised
  • Coordinating resolution of your problems with Customer Support
  • Being your champion and advocate
  • Identifying how you can get maximum value and utility from your Adflex Payment Processing implementation

Implementation Process

Our experience implementing Adflex Payment Processing allows us to identify five critical stages that contribute to the success of your Adflex implementation. These include:

  • Planning. We set up a meeting to define roles, discuss scope, and plan IT resources.
  • Deployment. We deploy Your Adflex Payment Processing solution and any integrations and thoroughly test them in your environment.
  • Training. We prepare you for training, conduct the training, review what you learned, and hold post-training meetings as necessary so that your system is properly configured and usable.
  • Transition to support. We review the implementation process and go over how to get support for day-to-day issues.
  • Consultation. If necessary, we can consult with you to extend your Adflex solution even further. Adflex is highly configurable, but it is also customiseable via our application programming interface (API).

Post Implementation and Adoption

After your Adflex Payment Processing solutions has been deployed, you will continue to work with your CSM. They will work with you to:

  • Help you maximize your use of your Adflex Payment Processing solution.
  • Monitor the health of your implementation via regularly-scheduled check-in meetings
  • Help you upgrade your system (if the number of transactions you are processing could be made more efficient)

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