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Data analysis & management

Successful business depends on effective analysis of data, but sometimes the sheer volume or complexity of the available data can make this task difficult or at worst impossible. Let Adflex review your raw data and turn it into relevant information filling in the gaps left by your existing reports.

We understand the real cost of inaccurate data, the inefficiencies of operating with a multitude of disparate paper and computer-based systems and the sheer frustration of seeing your data rekeyed into yet another system. After all your customers will only judge you by your products and service, regardless of the number of people that have handled their order.

  • Duplications
  • Incorrect information
  • Missing data
  • Invalid or missing postcodes
  • Inaccurate reporting
  • Poorly performing databases caused by excessive redundant data

The impact of these sorts of errors on your bottom line comes through wasted staff time and distribution costs, damaged customer relations and the misguided decisions that are made in the face of inaccurate reports. Adflex' advanced data cleaning techniques will help you to clean up your act and your profits!

Adflex' data cleaning services are available on demand or as part of a regular maintenance plan.

Data recovery
Crashes can strike any time and their financial impact can be huge. Maybe your back-up system has failed. Maybe your server hard drive system has crashed. Whatever the problem, there are usually more ways to get vital data back than many realise.

  • Data recovery from crashed hard disks from laptops to raid systems
  • Transferring data from a wide range of backup tape formats
  • Corrupt file recovery from any database or e-mail system including Notes, Access, Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle etc
  • Virus damaged files
  • Recovery of deleted, corrupted and password protected word processor and spreadsheet files
  • All systems including Win 2000, NT, UNIX, Netware, Mac etc.
  • Data quality analysis including occurrence, duplication and redundancy
  • Business data analysis customised to your specific needs
  • Customer / Supplier analysis by sales, turnover, profit and products
  • Agent analysis by sales, turnover, profit and products
  • Product analysis by sales, turnover, profit and customers
  • Financial analysis of sales, purchases, profit and funds flow
  • Graphical demographic analysis overlaid on to maps
  • Database design and performance analysis
  • Adflex can create a package to fit your needs, be it ad hoc or scheduled, our aim is to supply the information that helps you make the right decisions

Data cleaning
Running a business with inaccurate and redundant data can be costly. From wasted mailings, bad business decisions and poorly performing databases, it is essential that you take care of your businesses most critical asset.

Data imports and migration
When new systems need populating from old data, or when new data arrive in a format that's not compatible with your system, things can start to go horribly wrong. Worker-hours are lost keying data back in, errors are introduced and the data becomes corrupted.

Adflex provides an extensive range of services that solve most business scenarios.

  • Data mapping, conversion and cleaning
  • Company sale, purchase, merger and demerger data migration project management
  • Transferring data from a wide range of sources ranging from floppy disk to mainframe
  • Third-party list data cleaning and importing
  • Data exporting to clients specific formats
  • One time data migration projects management
  • Applications design of operation specific data transfer systems
  • Migration of e-mail and database systems
  • All aspects of web site ISP transfers
  • Out of hours and holiday period migration projects fully covered

Speak to us for cost-effective, accurate, fast, automated solutions for all types of data migration, import and exports.

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